TEDxSpringfield is in its fifth year. Since our first year we have hosted over 1,000 attendees, dozens of speakers and countless ideas worth spreading. It is amazing to look back our team of volunteers has accomplished in the past five years and it is inspiring to think of what is to come.

TEDxSpringfield started with a group of motivated volunteers that shared a passion for TED Talks. That energy helped us recruit 5 speakers, create a website, obtain all the necessary approvals, as well as, coordinating the logistics for converting a cafeteria into a TEDx stage. People are still speaking about the talks from that event. Since then each year has brought an increasingly large audience, a diverse list of speakers and the type of energy that only comes from TEDx events. The topics have included everything from food addiction, to confronting fears to the science of leaping frogs. Our stage has been shared by high school students, CEOs and internationally recognized experts; all in the same event.

This year’s theme is E=MC2 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. What could be more TEDx like than one of the biggest ideas worth spreading of all time? Our speaker list this year includes over 14 amazing individuals, who are innovators in wearable technology, cloning experts, sustainability professionals, exercise scientists and leading thinkers in many other areas.  Attending a TEDx event is such a unique opportunity to experience perspectives and ideas that you may have never thought about; that is what TEDx is all about. If you can join us on October 7, 2016 then I strongly suggest that you hit the button and apply to attend!