Colleen Alexander


Colleen Kelly Alexander is a best-selling author, survivor, lifelong athlete and motivational speaker who inspires positive change, contribution, determination and actionable gratitude. With her indomitable spirit and incredible story of survival, Colleen teaches others how to aim higher, be stronger and use adversity as a catalyst to make the world a better, brighter place. 


In 2011, Colleen was run over by a freight truck, and after five weeks in a coma and thirty surgeries, Colleen survived. Rather than let the trauma and PTSD control her life, she became determined to find a way to make something positive from her pain. She decided she would run again and dedicate her race medals to the everyday heroes around us, including the medical staff and blood donors who saved her life. Since then Colleen has run over 75 races and completed over 50 triathlons, including five half-Ironman events.  Now a spokesperson for the American Red Cross, she shares the power of connectedness within the human family.