Julian Nixon


Born in Atlanta, teenaged on a Carolina farm, educated by Tigers and ‘talking’ the world by storm, Julian is a motivational, passionate and creative speaking force that enjoys empowering others just as much as he enjoys a good comic book.

During his Junior year in college a professor grew frustrated with Julian, told him that he wasn’t capable of graduating and gave up on him. Julian decided that the best response would be to not only graduate, but to become a professor, and co-found an organization that encourages and increases the college graduation rate of minority males. This organization uses exposure and fraternal strategies to create successful student leaders. Graduates of the program serve in the U.S. Armed Forces, own their own businesses, work in state government and lead by example.

Julian works alongside his CEO-wife as the co-founder of Connect2NICU which creates hub apps for parents who have children in intensive care. The apps provide education, updates, community connections and more for families who find themselves in a world less familiar yet frequently visited by many. They believe that the future of successful and exceptional healthcare lies in the collective hands of the parents, healthcare providers and the community partners–in a very mobile kind of way.

Julian has had the pleasure of presenting in many unique spaces, including One Million Cups, the International NISOD Conference, Black Brown College Bound, as well as colleges and universities. His innovative and motivational teaching style has allowed him to gain local, state and national awards in education such as the Governors Distinguished Professor Award, Top 20 Under 40, and the International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence Award. This has led Julian to create online tutoring videos, author books on student success, and lead conversations on innovative classroom practices such as gamification.